University of Jordan

Amman, Jordan

I got to go to the University of Jordan in Amman, the biggest Uni in Jordan. The women here are so beautiful! Their giggles, their crazy styles, their not paying attention but paying attention to the boys–it was just like college at home in many ways. You could also see the girls who were more interested in their studies and less in the color of their scarves.There were certain areas where my host explained the "looser" girls hung out, there were clicks, there were people from other countries.

Jordan has a lot of Christians as well as Muslims, in part to the large Palestinian population (some of which are "old skool" Christian as my new Palestinian Christian friend said). So the girls that were not covered could be Christian, or they could just be Muslim of a less conservative variety. As I have heard in most areas of the Middle East, what the younger generation wears can differ largely from what the older generation wears. There will be completely covered ladies with their teen daughters completely uncovered. But a lot of what the younger women do has to do with the traditions of the family, what is expected of them, and how much pressure they receive about these expectations.

This is the most prestigious college in Jordan and everyone has to work very hard to get in. Though I was told that sometimes a pocket book could have a say in that. So some things are universal! There were a ton of women here receieving their education, preparing to be everything from artists to doctors. It was good to connect with the next generation of Jordanian women.