Ahhaliyah All Girls School

Amman, Jordan

This was a fundraiser Fashion Show at the Ahhaliyah all-girls private school. It is a school of high repute in Amman, definitely host to the girls of the more well-to-do families. Although it is a "Christian" school, a good deal of these ladies are Muslim. I met one of them, Sophie, at the mall and got the skinny.

It was interesting to see this much skin, and from such young ladies! I asked Sophie how the parents felt, and I think there were mixed feelings on the topic. But whatever the parents were feeling, the girls were so excited to be doing this. The energy was very high, the music was very loud and very American, and the girls were, well, teenage girls. Lots of screaming, photos, etc. This school has a male counterpart school that participates in the show, and the girls were all a-flutter about being escorted by these good looking gentlemen. I talked with one girl about a week after the show, and she and her escort had started texting. She was pretty excited about this. Girls will be girls, in Jordan, California, or wherever they may be. It was a fun evening.