A Day with Dana

Amman, Jordan

Dana is a nutritionist and works with mother's and babies using nutrition, music, and other alternative techniques for healthy and sound babies and children. She started and runs the company NutriMusic with a friend of hers. I met her at her office one afternoon and that turned into spending the entire next day together. I got a glimpse of the busy life of a working mother of 2, a divorcee who runs a successful business here and in Abu Dhabi.

A woman who loves to laugh and enjoy life even though it gets hectic, her fun and open nature was a little oasis for me.  The day I spent with her felt like a normal day that I would spend at home with a friend. We talked about the society and culture of Jordan. She shared with me about her experience going through a divorce surrounded by a family and society that didn't understand and so could not be supportive. About being a single mother and taking care of her two beautiful girls. About learning to date again after a marriage that had been facilitated by family. We squeezed all this in between her guest spot as a nutritionist on a morning talk show, two business cell phones ringing with patients from two different countries, errands to the bank, gassing up the car, a run to Starbucks, and even a manicure. She is a sweet, smart, and beautiful lady, and I am so glad to have met her!