All Work and No Play

Amman, Jordan

Samah is a young woman doing the same thing that I did at her age. She is a student at the University of Jordan, but comes from a family that cannot afford to pay for her education. So she works in an office almost full time and squeezes her classes and school work into the other hours. This is the only way she can receive an education, and she is committed to making it work though it is diffult.

I met her in her office and then several weeks later I came upon her at a cafe I often frequent for work myself. She was studying for her finals and I took the opportunity to take a few snaps to visually round out what her days are all about. Work and school, more school, then some more work. Been there and done that. I hope she gets the opportunity to spend her days doing work in the field of her choice when she is done with this grind.