On The Waterfront

Beirut, Lebanon

Life in Lebanon is intricately mixed with the ocean. The entire western side of the country borders the water, wraps around it snuggly and beautifully. Even more so in Beirut, which stucks out like a thumb into the water, or what they call Ras Beirut, which means the head of Beirut. Life there leads down to the waterfront.

They have a corniche path that winds around that head for miles, giving people an open place in that hot and busy city to get to some open air, to some open water. Retaining walls line the coast and people climb down and set up picnics and shisha pipes and jump into the water all day long. The path is where you can see the diversity of life in this city that throws so many different people together. The very young with their tank tops and spandex leggings, the older ones with abiyas and hijabs. People of from the Christian and Muslim side of life in the city, people of all ages out to walk and get that breathe of life that comes off the open waters.

It eventually runs down to a fancy city walk that sits on a marina and has all new high end restaurants and shops. This length of coastline sees all sides of life in the city. From the private and expensive beach club goers to the retaining wall hoppers, everyone wants to be down at the edge of the land. Including me.