Radio Goddess

Amman, Jordan

I met Tamara Abdul Hadi at a hair salon. She is a local radio celebrity and was very welcoming, inviting me to come and hear her talk show. She has recently changed the format of the show to talk more about local social issues. As an example, a topic discussed on my visit was the sexual harrassment of women in pubIic parks by the local authorities. Her swing from fun and frivolous disc jockey to social critic has been quite the change,  but she seems to be receiving really positive feedback.

Tamara is back in Jordan after having lived in Saudi Arabia for a time. She regularly brings friends of hers on the air, often other young local women who are working in specialized fields and are able to act as authorities on subject matter, often things affecting women specifically. There are also other young men and women working at the station which makes for a really lively, fun environment. In the brief time that I was there, I engaged in mini-dance party outbreaks and a fallafel feast.