Fashion School

University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

I went to the University of Sharjah and crashed in on the fashion students during their end of the year presentations. As I will continue to say, just because a woman is covered does not mean she does not care about fashion. Quite the opposite, these women make me look like a complete slob, though I guess that is not too hard to do.

The fashion and textile major at the University of Sharjah is the only one in the entire Middle East that includes textile education. These ladies have had to learn all about all the different materials that go into making garments, and have had to hand die all the materials they used. All the outfits shown here were thought up and hand created by the women shown here. They chose, dyed, cut, sewed, manipulated, etc, all these pieces.

I asked them of what they hoped to accomplish with their major, what they wanted to do in this world. Most are hoping to create their own brand when they finish school. I spoke with one girl, Fatima (pictured in the yellow hallway) about the experience in the Arab world of telling your parents you want to study fashion. She said that she had known for a long time that this was what she wanted. She shared that with her family in high school and they largely poo-pooed it, saying she would grow out of it. After years of begging, nagging, and generally acting like a teenage girl who wants something out of her parents, she finally got permission to enroll as a fashion student. The girls all share a big workspace where they create garments starting in their first years. 

It was great to meet these talented girls, I have a soft spot for women who are following their creative dreams. . .