Flo From France

The Greens, Dubai, UAE

Flo was an utter delight. I met her through a photographer friend, and when she called one afternoon to have me over for tea and home-baked muffins, well, she had me at muffins.

Flo has a really interesting story, the kind that comes from being the spawn of parents with differing nationalities. Though French, she spent a good chunk of her time growing up in Nigeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. I loved her story of being a young teen moving from Saudi back to Paris and having no idea how to dress herself, how to interact with the "modern styles." Of course now, she is a vintage goddess and one would never know of her teenage confusion.

Arriving in Dubai from Paris, where she worked at major fashion companies like Cartier, Flo has recently quit her job and is pursuing her dreams as a writer and a bit of a vintage adviser. It is always interesting to me to meet people who have a unique angle on what they are doing. In the land of Dubai, where the newer and flashier your whatever is, the better, Flo is bringing her Old World flare. I love the idea of really kind of teaching people how to integrate the character and texture of the past with our modern lives. Flo is leading a one-lady campaign to do just that. I am excited for her, I think there is a market there to be tapped!

She has also written daily in her blog, A Hint Of Beautiful A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (www.hintofbeautiful.com) for years, starting when she needed a little creative infusion into her daily life in Human Resources. This is a great blog that documents daily life as seen through fashion, culture, travel, friends, etc.

Flo's tea and muffins were just the hint of beautiful I needed that day, not to even speak of the lavendar cookies she had also whipped up. We chatted at her cheery flat, and took an evening walk around The Greens, which is her neck o' the woods. I love the desert aesthetic in Dubai, that right next to a huge modern housing community, there is open expanse of sand and color. For me, it really cements Dubai as an oasis. . .or a mirage.