This ice cream shop was down the street from where I was staying in Ramallah, the big city in the West Bank of Palestine. There aren't any chain restaurants in Palestine because it is seen as too big a risk by the multi-national companies to have their places of business in what is seen as such a volatile area, though a Pizza Hut had just opened when I was there. There are, however, a lot of really great little restaurants that are very popular with the locals, and some of them are very modern and what you might expect to see in any metropolitan city the world over.

This ice cream shop, The Scoop, was one of them. I took refuge from the heat in there one day and I found this smiling face. This young lady was just oozing goodwill. A beautiful young thing who seemed that she had managed to maintain her positivity in life despite living in a place in the world that is not without challenges, to say the very least. Her face stuck with me and I went back the next day to capture her. This shop seemed to me like a snapshot of what I experienced in Palestine. This girl reminded me of the joy I had experienced coming from the people of Palestine. The tendency they had to love their land and rejoice that they were there though it came with its challenges, though it came with often daily inconvenience and strife. I wish I had been able to sit with her and hear more of her story, of what kept her smiling.