Les Fenetres Brasserie, Mar Mikhael, Beirut

Nadine Papadopoulo is a Lebanese born and bred Restaurateur. Raised in a smaller mountain town to the east of Beirut, she spent a number of years living abroad in London where she and her husband ran a restaurant. Since returning to her roots in Beirut a few years ago, she has opened this beautiful bistro Les Fenetres in the trendy Mar Mikhael district of Beirut.

I arrived just before dinner hour when the restaurant fills, it has become a well-renowned place to go in the city and all the employees bustled around out on the patio getting everything just so for the arrival of the patrons. Nadine commanded her co-ed staff with confidence and certainty, it is clear she is a woman of strong vision and constitution.

She is also a very beautiful woman and it was a fun departure for me to play with the late afternoon light that was introducing itself through the balcony windows and make some portraits that fit the style and grace of Nadine. If ever in Beirut, go visit her and enjoy her artistic creation.