A Women's Rights Lawyer & Her Computer Science-Major Daughter

Amman, Jordan

The young lady pictured here is Farrah, and she was my partner in crime at the University of Jordan, helping me talk to students and bravely approaching anyone I found visually interesting. She is only 18, but I felt that we were the same age in spirit. She is studying computer science, has perfect English, and has those gorgeous round brown eyes that so many beautiful women do here. She treated me exceptionally well and then took me home to her mother, who cooked and talked with me, took me for a tour of her garden and showed me some beutiful traditional Palestinian clothing.

People live with their parents here until they are married, and sometimes even after that they will continue to live in a big family home with their own children. This family lives in a huge home with many levels, filled with three different generations, and it is a beautiful thing to see how close and interconnnected the families can stay. Many people have family members living very far away in foreign countries, and other members under the same roof. It is an interesting paradox of life here.

The mom Haneen, besides being an amazing cook, is such an inspiring woman. Originally from Palestine, she, like many others, have had to come and make their home in Jordan. She is a lawyer for womens' rights, actively and passionately working on changing the civil law here so that there are standards for domestic cases that aren't only dictated by religious law. She works with the Jordanian Women's Union in this fight, and she set up a meeting with them for me to learn all about what they do. I was just so humbled by the importance of the work that she is doing and it made me wish I could do more.

It was also nice to just see a typical afternoon in the life of a family home that was not my own. I felt most welcomed