Nadine Nails

Ramallah, Palestine

Nadine is quite the entrepreneur. Born and raised in Ramallah, she went to Birzeit University where she got her BS in Finance. After graduation at age 22, she opened the nail salon. She also worked in the corporate world in HR and Investor Relations, and also managed to find time to travel all around Europe. Now 25, she has completely packed days working at the nail salon and getting her masters in International Studies with a focus on diplomacy, somethine she wants to do to get into foreigh relations and hopefully work with the UN.

She is from a Christian family that has always encouraged her to get her education and career going before marriage, and her Father helped her get the nail place started right after school. She is extremely driven and hard working, and has a really great understanding of the world and where she wants to go. I really do think she will get there.