Beirut, Lebanon

This was one of my favorite stories to work on. Truth be told, when I first arrived in the Middle East, the very mention of Beirut scared me. I think most Americans my age probably either a) don't know much about Beirut and Lebanon, or b) think of bombings and war and scariness when they hear hear it mentioned. As I spent time in other areas of the Middle East I began to hear about how much of a party and shopping mecca Beirut was. This really surprised me at first.

I like this story because I think the images in this gallery, photos of women in their funky shops and art galleries, are probably the last thing one might expect when thinking of Beirut. One who hasn't been there at least. But they were all over and there is a lot of really great stuff happening in the art world there, and the galleries spill into the shops and the cafes and it is a trip.